ipcam bandwidth calculator

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IPCam bandwidth calculator is a handy tool to calculate storage and bandwidth requirement for webcam, IPcam, and analogue camera.
No matter you are professional security camera supplier or just pick up a set of DVR bundle from discount outlet, the next question besides installation would be “How long can this DVR recorded”?
To calculate the amount of storage, its require a lot of conversions, IPCam bandwidth calculator will do it for you.

It is meant to be professional:

Simple and professionally looking interface allows you to enter camera's resolution, frame rate, and duration, then it will calculate each camera's bandwidth, total bandwidth and estimate storage space for the DVR or NVR, so that you can prepare quotation. If you have multiple type of cameras, A handy table also allow user to record multiple results.
Quality affect to the estimate storage space, higher the quality, the more storage space required, IPCam bandwidth calculator uses most common video compression algorithms, to give you an idea the differences between them. 
Reference guide shows the most common resolutions in pixels and their comparison.