HKMATH MathTraining
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HK Math is a mathematic practicing app for all ages, practice your math skills in a simple, flash card style interface focuses one question at a time. It incorporate test-like question set, It will not prompt for correctness of your answer until end of the practice. Summary view shows all your questions you answered either right or wrong, so that it reminds you to make correction in the future. 
Unique on-screen writing feature allow you to write notes and marks on screen directly to help for complex equations. Teachers can use this feature to show how it is calculated without using any paper aid.
*** FOCUS MODE ***
When Focus mode is on, it removes all background images and replacing the chalk like writing with plain text, if helps students to stay focus on the question and tested with about 30% increase of speed on solving each questions. Some tester who diagnosed with autism do find this focus mode helped to concentrate and learn. 
WE BELIEVED LEARNING IS NO FUN! (yes, it is! let me explain)
Monkeys and rabbits jumping around the screen to tell you the answer is not learning, it is playing, it is a game. You will not convinced when your kids tell you that they are learning while playing video games, so do HK Math. 
The proper way to learn is to focus on the question and get the answers right as quick as they can, HK Math removes all animations, cartoon characters, sounds and music, just math. It help your kids to focus and get the job done, so that they can play whatever afterwards.
HK Math also a brain training tools to help exercise your brain and you improve your mathematic skills at the same time. 
*** TARGETS ***
For toddler:
  • Parents can use this app to introduce math to your kids, single digits addition and  subtraction, you can also draw on screen to show them how it is done. Depending on your kids level, you can simple slide all the setting to low or your desired level, thats it!
For Teacher/Parents: 
  • On screen writing feature helps to explain how the equation are done without using a paper, simple draw on screen, press clear to get a fresh screen every time.
  • We studied some high average math scores countries, found out that simple  adopted the method of some high average math scores countries 
For Student/Adults:
  • Practice, practice and practice! our unique focus mode eliminates all fancy graphics so that you can stay focus on your question, compete your time and train up your brain.
Free version:
  • You can try out this unlimited times except it locked with the following features:
  • 10 Questions only
  • 2 Digital addition only
  • Difficulty level are set to high
  • NO ADS !
Paid version (In-App Purchase):
  • Unlock all operatiors
  • Unlock number of questions
  • Unlock number of digits
  • Unlock difficulty levels
  • NO ADS !
HK Math arithmetic operations including :
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Mixed Operations (Random)